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You handled the very delicate but important issue of domestic violence with class! What a lovely article and what lessons for all married people to use about humility, forgiveness, and love.
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"Some children give in to the adversities in life and become violent, while others don't let life defeat them," says Sherry Baldwin, a counselor at Roberson Junior High School in North Carolina.

Ready to forgive, ready for peace

Around the globe there are those who have suffered extreme injustice, yet who are forgiving their oppressors. Discover how we each can find it in our heart to forgive, as well.

"Father, forgive them"

As the news reached my ears, I thought, "This seems sounkind, so unloving—they've unthinkingly imposed their own will upon myloved one.

You can pray about anything

Whether the problem seems mammoth or miniscule, God's answer is at hand.

Don't get fooled by the drama

Remember, it takes two to tango—you can refuse to "dance" with sickness or sin.
Do you measure up?

One Mind, one will

Each day we make plans and set priorities. We're better able to meet our goals, though, when we are willing to do God's will.
As this author let go of a limiting view of herself and her ex-husband, she found harmony restored to their interactions.

Increase your confidence

You can overcome confusion and feel more confident. See how these writers did just that.

Dear Sentinel,

Last year when I was sixteen, the common age of stereotypical "teenage confusion," I was, like most other people my age, confused.


Recently I took a road test to receive my driver's license.
Testimony of Healing

False accusation retracted

I wanted to reach out to this boy and his family with love.

Testimony of Healing

Illness healed

A feeling of peace and well-being settled over me, and I knew I was healed.

Testimony of Healing

Diabetes cured through prayer

As an ordained minister I was familiar with metaphysics and felt certain that I could rely on spiritual means for healing.

Testimony of Healing

Injury quickly overcome

Late one spring night about two years ago, I remembered that I had left a comforter to dry outside, and that rain was forecast before morning.

Can prayer harm?

Our times demand of all of us the very best prayers we can offer.



If one is not a Christian Scientist, can he or she still call the church and receive guidance or healing or prayer services?

Instead of bracing for a showdown, arrive at work filled with the conviction that you and your colleagues, clients, and customers are inherently good-natured—God-natured.

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