"Thank you for alerting me and others to this truth."

At first I was shocked to read in Mr. Bergenheim's article (October 26) that people bet on the death of public figures on the Internet. But as we understand the wrongness of this mental action, other more subtle cases stand out.

The article "Cuba After Castro" in The Christian Science Monitor (International edition, 16 to 22 October, p. 6), quotes Adolfo Salguerio stating that changes initiated by Castro are the least probable, given his stubbornness. He further speculates that Castro will pass on, leaving power in the hands of his brother Raul. Wayne Smith concurs: "If [Fidel] Castro went down in a helicopter next year, Raul would be the initial leader." Here you can feel the hidden hope that we may benefit by the death of a person.

items of interest
items of interest
December 21, 1998

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