Spiritual intuition leads to safety and healing

It is with much gratitude that I submit this testimony as another proof of God's goodness and omnipresence. When we were children, my mom enrolled us in a Christian Science Sunday School. I'm grateful for the spiritual truths of God and man I learned there. Through Mom's prayer and love for us all, we had many healings—of burns, physical and mental breakdown, effects of accidents, grief, and many instances of protection.

In Science and Health, angels are described as "God's thoughts passing to man" (p. 581). As we listen to these spiritual thoughts, only good can come about, as the following incident illustrates. One day I heard my son's name as if it had been spoken. At first I thought, "Oh, I'm going to hear from him." But the angel thought persisted until I acknowledged it as an angel—a spiritual intuition—and began to pray. I felt God's omnipresence and knew that wherever my son was, he was being directed, governed, and protected by the law of God. With these simple thoughts, I was at peace. Within an hour I received a telephone call from him. He told me that he had been delivering cylinders of propane, and that before he got back to the truck after delivering the last cylinder, the cylinder had exploded. No one was injured. We both rejoiced and gave thanks to God for His loving care and protection. To me this was evidence that when we pray we help one another. And as my son and I were three thousand miles apart, this shows that God's omnipotence knows no time or space.

December 21, 1998

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