A book that reveals your divine light

There is a story about a man who asks some friends to help him remove the darkness from a hole. To his friend Wind he says, "Blow in the hole and blow out the darkness." Wind blows, but nothing happens. Then the man says to his friend Rain, "Pour your water in the hole and flood out the darkness." Rain tries and nothing happens. He tells Thunder, "Make your loud noise and blast the darkness out." Thunder tries and, again, nothing happens. Then the man goes to Light and says, "Go shine the darkness out of the hole." Light goes into the hole and returns declaring, "There is no darkness there."

This story shows the impact that light—especially spiritual light—can have on our lives. Sometimes we try to solve problems without success. We may call on friends like Wind, Rain, and Thunder in the story above, to help us find the answer we need. But friends like these are not sufficient, because they are focusing on material conditions. What we need is a friend who succeeds in bringing us spiritual light alone. And we have one! It is a book called Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. It gives each of us full access to the light of Christ, Truth. It shows us God, good. And this light will always drive out darkness.

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