Leveling with ourselves about sin

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be truly sinless? The quick-witted would probably say that it wouldn't be any fun! Yet, when we level with ourselves, most of us have suffered acutely from indulging various forms of sin—anger, for instance, envy, immorality, selfishness, or any uncontrolled behavior. Anyone who has experienced the anguish of sin might well imagine that being sinless would be heavenly.

And heavenly is just the right description, because God is sinless. God is totally good—is, in fact, infinite good. That means there's no sin anywhere in God. This compels us to think seriously about our own true nature. All God's creation exists forever within the all-inclusive, sinless, divine Mind. And so, our real identity, the identity God made and holds within Himself right now, must be sinless.

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April 1, 1996

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