Cody stood guard

This was not starting out to be Cody's best day despite the fact that he had been eagerly waiting for it. At school, his teacher was allowing the class to plan their own party. They were going to decide who would bring cookies and what kind of drinks to have. Parties were one of Cody's favorite things, but he had a cold and had to stay home from school and miss the planning.

Mom made arrangements for him to stay with Grandma while she was at work. He usually liked to go to Grandma's house, but today he couldn't stop thinking about the party. Grandma gave him a big hug when he arrived and assured him that since this was God's day, it had to be good; they would "rejoice and be glad in it" (Ps. 118:24). Cody didn't know what rejoice meant. Grandma explained that it means to be glad, full of joy. He certainly didn't see anything to be glad about—missing the planning of the class party wasn't fun.

If I could rewrite the Bible
November 13, 1995

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