Safety for children everywhere

The face of a missing or abducted child looks up from an advertising postcard. What does that child mean to us? What can we do to protect children everywhere?

Certainly we must be wise about where we let children play, whom they are left with, how they are watched in public places. As neighbors and friends, we can look out for the children we see. But concern for children is also a call to prayer. Prayer begins when, instead of dwelling fearfully on risk or accident, we turn to God. What we learn reveals the truth of man as God's spiritual idea and likeness. God is Life, the only creator, the one cause, and His creation is spiritual. What Life creates loves and lives in harmony. God, Life, never created a predatory man. As we understand more of man as God's likeness, we learn of our safety as the beloved child of God.

The government of The Mother Church
December 5, 1994

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