Finding the appropriate response

How we respond in any situation is based largely upon whom, or what, we choose to serve. Let's say, for example, you find yourself on the receiving end of some pretty angry criticism. Even though there's some validity to the points being raised, this is completely overshadowed by the hostile tone, and you find yourself angry, hurt, and even justifying what you had done. At this point, whether you're aware of it or not, you're serving sin. You're being governed by hatred, self-justification, and so forth.

This example—this lesson, really—is close to home for me, having received a critical letter a while ago that was, shall we say, not pleasant to read. I had to admit that the points raised did require my attention and correction, but I'd lost sight of that fact about halfway through the letter! From there on I was overcome with resentment, preparing to argue against the issues that had been brought up. What's more, I knew even then that how I was reacting was wrong. It just seemed as though I had or no control over what I was thinking.

Morning prayer
December 5, 1994

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