The future belongs to us now

"There is hope for your future" was the theme of a Regional Youth Meeting for Argentinians and Uruguayans that took place in Montevideo, Uruguay, the last three days of May 1992. The following is a summary of a talk given by Pedro Grieco, a contributing editor to the religious periodicals.

"To progress here, you have to excel at something!" "If you don't have experience, nobody is going to give you work." "Here there is no future; it's better to go somewhere else."

Such comments by young people show the frustrations of those with little hope for the future. Yet there are others who feel the future holds much promise. What is the difference? It is how they perceive life. Do they identify with externals or with man's real, spiritual being? We have to start asking ourselves: What is the reality of my life? What's true about my community, beyond what appears on the surface? As we understand what is really going on from a spiritual standpoint, we will know how to face the future and improve it.

Diversity without fear
August 16, 1993

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