Dear Reader

It takes a lot of working together to produce a weekly publication. First of all, it takes a constant flow of contributions from you, our readers. Then there's the work of editors, office assistants, artists and designers, proofreaders, and many others—long hours and real praying on everyone's part. It's possible, even so, that you don't think all this is being done flawlessly (maybe that's an understatement!). Perhaps you've had some subscription problems, or you haven't liked a particular cover or an issue or an ad.

Well, at some time you may also have had the experience of being part of a family where things didn't go exactly the way you thought they should. Maybe certain things "rubbed you the wrong way." But you didn't quit the family. You didn't walk out! You just worked harder and prayed even more consistently to support everyone because you knew how extremely important the unity and strength of that family were in the long run.

Finding a lasting homeland
September 10, 1990

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