Telling the truth

There is much uneasiness and public discussion these days about the lying in both public and private life that seems to be increasingly taken for granted as a necessity. People sometimes feel that the question of whether to lie, equivocate, be silent, or tell the truth in any given situation is a hard choice. Yet that decision is crucial, for it affects not only the individual concerned but the integrity of family and even the stability of society.

Real truth-telling comes out of the deepest love for others. Yet probably few people could put their hands to their hearts and say they have never lied out of expediency. Unfortunately, so-called excusable lies often lead to a lifestyle that has untruth at its very heart.

None of us like to be lied to. Everyone feels belittled when credibility and honesty are sacrificed on the altar of falsehood. It has been interesting to see that one of the most basic complaints about the governments recently overthrown in Eastern Europe has been that they told lies to the people, that a lack of truth had become the prevailing policy.

Meetings for youth of all faiths
June 11, 1990

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