The freshness that heals

Nothing so refreshes, nothing brings such newness of life, nothing is so healing, as seeing things the way God made them.

What have a bright yellow jonquil, a lively Vivaldi theme, a small child's laughter, and a new spiritual insight in common? Each has a common core of freshness! There is nothing labored or dry or ungenuine in their coming forth. Rather there shines through a grace and beauty and spontaneity that can really make one's day. Why? Perhaps because we perceive an originating source. Beyond the bulb, the composition, the child in every one of us, is the truth of being, which continuously supplies an infinite variety of good in our lives. In a paragraph in Science and Health that has the marginal heading "Mission of Christian Science" Mrs. Eddy writes, "Through Christian Science, religion and medicine are inspired with a diviner nature and essence; fresh pinions are given to faith and understanding, and thoughts acquaint themselves intelligently with God." Science and Health, p. 107.

A dictionary informed me that pinions are "flight feathers." Doesn't that offer a fresh new mental model to uplift our faith and help our spiritual understanding soar? It encouraged me to see that each spiritually based thought is fresh, applicable, effective, healing, because it comes from the infinite Mind, God— the one originating source of the universe and man. What could bring more freshness into our daily living than to understand creation's inseparable relationship to divine Mind and to learn how that sustains, invigorates, and renews our individual expression of Godlikeness?

The kingdom within
February 6, 1989

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