Good neighboring

I'll probably never come across a manlying beside the road, beaten, robbed,stripped, and left by callous thieves to die.But often enough along the way I goI see my brother beaten by what is called"this life," robbed of his princely heritageby false beliefs and ignorance of God,stripped of his robes of native innocenceby those whom he called friends. And when I findmy neighbor wounded thus beside the way,let me confess I, too, need oil and wine.Give me to pour in oil of charity,which covers the multitude of sins, and wineof inspiration, which will let me seethrough the guise of one in a deep ditchof sin's futility and emptiness,to glimpse instead the upright child of God.And though I cannot take him all the wayto our Father's house, grant me grace and courageto see him to an inn beside the road,a place of shelter where the healing oiland wine can do their work until he findsvision and strength to walk the Way himself.

Elna W. Hull

Minding our own business!
September 5, 1988

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