Rolling away the stones

If a loved one passes on, sometimes it might seem as though stones of grief entomb our hearts. Yet, as Jesus showed us, even stones can be rolled away.

When we are struggling with the loss and grief resulting from the death of a loved one, familiar Bible passages that have provided comfort in the past may seem merely repetitious words. Well-meaning statements from friends and family may provide human comfort but often fall short of providing lasting peace. We may even feel entombed by stones of grief and darkness. Yet as we strive to understand more of the reality of Life, God, we can be assured that the stones will be rolled away and the light of spiritual truth will shine ever more brightly.

The death of a dear friend recently impelled me to pray more steadfastly to demonstrate the verity of that statement in my own experience. Filled with sorrow, I began to ponder the plight of Christ Jesus' disciples after the crucifixion. One Bible account tells us that "the doors were shut" where they were. We can almost imagine them furtively gathering, filled with fear and aching with remorse for having deserted their beloved Master; anguished by the fact that he had left them, too, by dying.

You have important candlepower
July 4, 1988

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