Hearing God's voice

There's a lot of static in the airwaves these days. But it need never keep us from listening to what our Father is saying.

God's nature was revealed to Elijah through "a still small voice." See I Kings 19:9–12. The Bible contains the message that God speaks to mankind in every age. So how can we, today, hear this "still small voice"? The obvious answer is to listen. But when the answer is so easy, why does listening often seem such a difficult task?

As Elijah was required to on Mount Horeb, perhaps we need to recognize that God is not in the wind, the earthquake, or fire. In other words, we need to make sure that we are turning to the correct source for our help, our answers, our guidance. You say that you haven't experienced many earthquakes lately and that wind and fire aren't distractions to your ability to listen? Consider the worldwide mental tremors of fear experienced by mankind today, causing shifting and disruption of people's lives on a global scale. Many frightened voices are speaking out with such force that the clamor and quaking would claim to block out other voices, especially "a still small" one. That doesn't mean we are to ignore the cry of anguish. But it is only in listening for and following what the "still small voice" reveals that we can respond in a healing way to the needs behind the cries and fear.

"Ye are a chosen generation"
July 4, 1988

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