Disillusioned? Look to the Christ!

Perhaps most of us have the experience at one time or another. We idealize a person, put him or her on a pedestal far above everyone else. Then when human foibles appear and our paragon looks less than perfect, we feel betrayed and disillusioned. The disappointment sometimes seems especially bitter when it's an organization or group that fails to live up to our idealized expectations.

What do we do when we see inconsistencies in the behavior of an individual or group we expect to be above reproach? We needn't give in to disillusionment or bitterness. There's a better way to respond to the situation, a healing way—the way of Christianity. Grounded in the eternal facts of being, Christianity is the true idealism. Perceived and practiced in its scientific purity, it never disappoints our hopes. Mere human idealism, based on a desire for material perfection, is forever destined for disappointment. Material perfection is impossible to attain, for materiality is inherently imperfect and limited.

No enemies
July 7, 1986

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