"The inspiration of the Almighty"

Most of us would like to believe that there is a divine inspiration available to us when we pray. Sometimes we hope for it, wait for it, even plead for it. What we all have to find out is that it is already here—just waiting to uplift us through our acceptance of the basic truths of perfect God and perfect, spiritual man. But we need to yield to the ever-present, infinite consciousness that is divine Love, and we need to acknowledge our real selfhood, Love's spiritual reflection. Then we have to make sure that our daily living attests to the truth in every way possible.

In the Bible we're told: "There is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding." Job 32:8. To the degree that we accept perfect, spiritual reality, which is entirely separate from what the material senses say is going on, we are yielding to "the inspiration of the Almighty" and yielding up the notion that we have to wait for it. Then we feel the divine influence operating in consciousness to heal our bodies, to bring peace to our homes, progress to our businesses, joy to our universe!

Living Love's love
August 20, 1984

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