Abiding good

One meaning of "abide" is to remain continuously without limit of time. This certainly applies to God and His goodness. Yet when struggling to overcome some form of discord, we may be tempted to believe that good is no longer present and that we must pray fervently to bring it back into our experience. This is the very opposite standpoint from that which a Christian Scientist uses to work out his problems.

Christian Science teaches the liberating fact that God, divine Love, is never absent. As Truth, God is irrepressible, irreplaceable, always at hand to be acknowledged and yielded to with healing results. Were this not so, Christianity would be not a dependable Science but guesswork, which would mean our prayers might or might not be answered. A sufferer might appeal to God for help but with no certainty of obtaining it. However, God is Truth, omnipresent, omnipotent, ministering Love, and an absolute conviction of this ensures the longed-for freedom.

The difference
July 9, 1984

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