Joy needs us

An early morning telecast brought disrupting news that an international political figure had been shot. I humbly turned to God, praying, "Father, help me feel Your presence. I need Your joy." I felt the need to claim this dominion-giving quality of God, for God's qualities, such as joy, do not exist abstractly; they have individual embodiment in man. The Father's answer came instantly, blessing me.

Just at that moment, the television scene changed to an interview program where a group of noted theatrical people were witnessing to their stance as Christians in the entertainment industry. One young actress said that, to her, God was an accompanying presence. The studio audience wanted to know what she meant. As I recall, she said, "Well, He's so close to me that I communicate with Him in everything." She then went on to explain that she relied on God in even the little things of everyday life, like not being able to find a shoe. She said her faith in Him was always answered in practical ways, and she never failed to give a heartfelt "Thank you, God."

The spiritual constant
April 2, 1984

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