At peace ... now

Why do we always seem to have one or two more things to "work out"? Strained relationships with loved ones or co-workers; maybe a business problem or a physical or mental difficulty. Why do we say: "After I work out this problem, then I'll be free. Then there'll be no stopping my spiritual progress. Then I can enter into the public practice of Christian Science and help others."

If we would just rest in the truth and know—really know, not just say the words—that God is the sole power here and now and that we are actually His reflection, that His qualities alone belong to us! Only what comes from God is ever really a part of us. Only the good qualities we see in ourselves and others represent the true qualities of man. We can inherit the attributes of our real Parent, our Father-Mother God, alone. In man's true makeup there are no mortal weaknesses or so-called family characteristics to be passed along. Any such belief is just that—an educated mortal belief.

July 12, 1982

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