Shouldering government

In the glamour and excitement of an election campaign it is easy to be swept along with the ups and downs of opinion polls and the general razzmatazz of speechmaking and rallies. But when the election is finished, we may feel uneasy or disturbed about the result. Those elected to office may not have been our choice, or perhaps we feel disappointed at their performance. In either case, how can we think about our politicians in a way that is constructive and unprejudiced? How can we help support an administration that did not receive our vote?

To put the human side of government into perspective, it is well to know that divine Love, God, alone governs. Inasmuch as mankind acknowledge the supremacy of Love's all-government, our human institutions and those who represent them will be seen to reflect the purity and purpose of Love's rule.

Spiritual independence . . .
November 1, 1982

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