The basis of true friendship

Christian Science gives one a wonderful understanding of the foundation of true friendship. As followers of Christ Jesus, we must act on his command to love one another. See John 15:17. True love for others stems not from the sense of them as wealthy or good-looking or intelligent mortals but rather from the realization that each is actually God's perfect reflection.

What made John, Peter, and the other disciples leave their jobs and follow Jesus? It was the Christ that he demonstrated. Mrs. Eddy defines "Christ" as "the divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error." Science and Health, p. 583. Jesus realized that everyone is in truth God's child and therefore the inheritor of His goodness and abundance. Reflecting God, man has only good—no evil. As we see those with whom we come in contact in this way, we too will be demonstrating the Christ and its attracting power.

Stone wall or gossamer web?
January 11, 1982

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