Stone wall or gossamer web?

Someone who is hypnotized can be made to see and feel things that are not really there. Suppose a man, seated in a living room, is told to walk the length of the room by a hypnotist. The man proceeds to obey until he stops suddenly, winces, rubs his knees, and declares he can't proceed because he has run into a stone wall! If this individual knew how, he could nullify the hypnotist's suggestion of the presence of a stone wall in the middle of the floor. Then he could proceed across the room.

Sometimes we are confronted with difficulties that seem like stone walls, preventing progress, inflicting hurt, and appearing to be insurmountable. But such barriers have no more essential reality than a hypnotist's "stone wall." No person (or persons) has really created them. They are falsely imposed concepts. All difficulties are mortal mind's misconceptions. Because this false mind is itself unreal, and because the divine Mind is in truth always our Mind, we can reject troubles as hypnotic suggestion.

God draws His own
January 11, 1982

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