A source of water in a thirsty land

"Our impersonal society"—this is the verdict some observers have rendered on today's urbanized, mechanized, computerized, increasingly complex civilization. Amid an avalanche of computer printouts, robotized controls, hidden-eye cameras, identification numbers, and recorded messages, the individual somehow seems to count for less and less. No matter how useful modern inventions may be, some commentators deplore what they see as an increasingly cold, heartless, and impersonal feeling of indifference to others, said to be permeating our culture with a strange loneliness.

How appealing, in such a situation, is the simplicity and single-heartedness of genuine Christians, banded together in the unconquerable joy of divine Love understood, and sharing this joy with others! Every individual yearns for a sense of worth and of love. What could more truly satisfy this craving than the reciprocal lovingkindness kindled by the master Christian's heart-stirring command to "love one another"! John 13:34.

To heal: find the real cause
August 10, 1981

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