Untouched by mortality

In an arresting statement Paul says, "For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God." Col. 3:3. What is it that is already dead, and what is the life that is already hidden in God? Doesn't this declaration of the apostle point toward one of the leading truths in Christian Science, namely, the unreality of matter with all its ramifications and the present spirituality of man and the universe?

How blessed we are for even a glimpse of our present immortality. And what a wonderful hiding place we have in God, Spirit! How safe. How invulnerable. In truth, we are all hidden in divine Mind as that Mind's own precious ideas, where no evil can exist or touch us. As long as we accept the belief that we are mortals we cannot feel this security, since every aspect of mortality can only result in change and decay. There is no such thing as ultimate material stability or spiritual instability. If we believe ourselves to be physical beings residing in a material universe, we are liable to any of the various phases of evil this counterfeit universe includes—loss, grief, disease, accident. But through spiritual understanding we can begin moving beyond this fictitious realm and claim our true identity as the incorporeal sons and daughters of God. Then we progressively experience the continuing harmony and security naturally belonging to this genuine selfhood.

...upon the sea
December 14, 1981

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