My father was healed of incipient blindness...

My father was healed of incipient blindness through Christian Science when he was a young man, and for the rest of his long, useful life, he followed the teachings of this Science. Yet, despite his encouragement and example, I did not grow up sharing his interest. Before I could read, I knew Mary Baker Eddy's definition of God by heart (see Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 587), but I resisted going to Christian Science Sunday School, and the possibilities of a present and loving God did not seem very important—the sky was blue enough without Him, the air was sweet in my lungs, and dessert was regular.

Instantaneous healings took place in our family, but I gave them little notice or took them for granted. One December while my parents were far away on an emergency trip, I suddenly became quite ill. The secretary who was taking care of my twelve-year-old sister and me quickly called a doctor. He diagnosed pneumonia and urged that I be transferred to a hospital at once. My sister, however, knowing what my father would do under the circumstances, telephoned a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me. To the astonishment of the doctor and the secretary, my high temperature quickly descended and the delirium and congestion left. Two days later I was well and up on a ladder blithely trimming the Christmas tree.

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