Expanding love welcomes the healing Christ

For one seeking a healing, what would be more encouraging than the thought that Christ Jesus himself was on his way down the road, and that within an hour he would come and say, "Rise and walk. Be whole. Be what the divine Mind made you to be!" Would there be any doubt as to the result? Is there any condition that Christ could not heal?

But what would do the healing? What was it in Jesus' time that healed the maimed, restored the lunatic, gave sight to the sightless, raised the dead? Was it a physical body named Jesus? Did his flesh and bones have healing power? Or was it the Spirit he manifested? He said of himself that he could do nothing alone, that his Father, God, Spirit, did the works. See John 5:30; 14:10. Jesus' whole earthly life illustrated the spiritual reality—the Christ-idea that shows what Life really is and reveals man to be the reflection or manifestation of that divine Life. And when did he say he really began? "Before Abraham was, I am." 8:58.

God's perpetual gifts
December 14, 1981

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