Be Sustained

If man is upheld and sustained by God—and he is—there is no aspect of his being that can suffer from collapse. This is the spiritual fact. But muscles, ligaments, bones, the whole framework of the human body, claim to support us and keep us upright and mobile. They may also claim to fail us. Reliance on a physical framework, therefore, whether it is functioning well or poorly, involves accepting a limited, mortal concept about man, instead of seeing through the illusion to the perfect man of God's creating.

When mortal mind asserts that we suffer from some type of collapse or disability, it is speaking in and of its own dream. We need to hold persistently to the knowledge of reality: we are, in truth, the man God made. If accused of committing a crime we had not committed, we would continue to refute the accusation with certainty, no matter how often it was repeated or for how long. With equal certainty of our actual safety and innocence, we can persist in refuting evidence of disability.

God's child always
June 19, 1978

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