About fifty years ago, I had been seeking relief from stomach...

About fifty years ago, I had been seeking relief from stomach ulcers through material medicine, without results, when a businessman recommended that I try Christian Science. It seemed wise for business reasons to promise that I would. I knew nothing whatever about Christian Science, but when I had to see the man later, I recalled my promise. So I went to see a Christian Science practitioner. After about an hour's visit, I walked out of his office completely healed. This became obvious, as I left the practitioner's office hungry and went directly to a restaurant. There I enjoyed a hearty meal without any ill effects—something I had not experienced for a long time. I have been eating anything I have wanted since then with no unpleasant results.

I was smoking over forty cigarettes a day and had become a heavy drinker of whiskey; so, when I saw the practitioner again, I inquired if Christian Science could be helpful in overcoming these habits. He assured me it could. He immediately proceeded to work for me through prayer—the practice of Christian Science. That night, while I was in the company of others, with plenty of cigarettes and liquor at hand, I found that both had become distasteful, and I have not wanted to drink liquor or smoke anything since.

Testimony of Healing
Upon first reading Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, I could...
January 29, 1977

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