The One and Only Cause

Many of us today feel that we need something stable, unchanging, something we can count on and be assured of—in the way of a philosophy, a faith, or a guiding force in our lives. We can find this important ingredient in a scientific understanding of God.

Too often people think they experience certain conditions of health because of the weather or because of food or contagion. These have become, for some people, causes they believe govern their welfare. Sometimes we think we are unhappy because of what others are saying or doing. Our disposition is ruffled by some disturbing circumstance. Feeling ill, we may think we "caught something" from someone else. All of these would seem to be valid reasons for our feeling the way we do. But are they, really? Aren't these factors so uncertain that if we do believe in them the result is that we find ourselves believing that our own health and happiness are uncertain?

Disillusioned-Dropping Out?
November 8, 1975

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