Fine-tuning to Truth

Years ago, while I was growing up on the prairie, it was a common practice for members of a family to spend long hours, sometimes far into the night, fine-tuning a crystal radio set. There was a friendly rivalry with all the neighbors to see who could bring in the farthest station. It was fun, but it took patience, perseverance, and continuing interest. The airwaves were full of static and other interference, but through delicate and careful tuning the signal would finally come in clearly and unhampered by discord.

I have often thought how tuning the crystal set is like tuning our thought to Truth. The static can be likened to the suggestions of lack, inharmony, and fear. However, if we fine-tune our listening to Truth, these suggestions—which are all they are since all space is filled with God's presence—will grow less and less until they disappear.

The One and Only Cause
November 8, 1975

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