Our twelve-year-old daughter was attending junior high school...

Our twelve-year-old daughter was attending junior high school when suddenly a large growth appeared on her neck and continued to swell until it became very noticeable. I had recently become a member of a branch Church of Christ, Scientist, and remembered remarking to another member that I hoped that with my understanding of God I would always be able to meet any problem that presented itself. She had said very firmly: "You always will."

Our daughter was a regular pupil in a Christian Science Sunday School, and I asked her if she wished to turn to God through Science for her help. She said she did. The swelling was very frightening, and I called a Christian Science practitioner for treatment immediately. She worked faithfully. Three weeks elapsed. Though our daughter was free of pain, the physical evidence persisted. Fear was the Goliath we were wrestling with. The practitioner called me and said she felt she had done her prayerful work. Due to her closeness to the child, as a friend of the family, she felt we should now have another practitioner treat our daughter. I called another practitioner for help, and the next evening the healing took place.

July 21, 1973

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