Overcoming Insomnia

"I didn't sleep a wink all night." This frequent complaint is usually an exaggeration. However, insomnia is one of the most common conditions for which adults consult a physician. Many people resort to sedatives and sleeping pills to induce sleep, yet medical authorities admit that these drugs, which are prescribed in treating insomnia, do not cause real sleep but an unconscious state sometimes involving a brief hypnotic effect or the relaxing of voluntary muscles.

Occasional inability to sleep may seem to result from overstimulation. Usually, however, according to medical theory, the chronic insomniac is one who is so nervous and tense that he is unable to relax and therefore sleep. See Problems of Sleep by Donald A. Laird in The Book of Popular Science, Vol. 6, pp. 150, 151;

The Summer Job
June 10, 1972

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