Is There No Matter?

The physical sciences are concerned with observations made by means of the physical senses, which provide the only evidence of matter. Christian Science, on the other hand, is basically concerned with what spiritual sense perceives. Though human beings are well acquainted with the physical senses, many are not aware of the operation of spiritual sense in their experience. Accordingly, to them Christian Science may seem vague, intangible, and hard to understand.

To begin the recognition of spiritual sense, one might consider the implications of integrity, order, consistency, intelligence. These spiritual values pervade his experience to greater or lesser degree. Yet they are not perceived, in the sense that physical objects are, through physical sight, hearing, taste, touch, or smell. In essence, they are not to be detected by the most sensitive of scientific instruments. Our dependence upon them and our faith in their existence imply a spiritual awareness—an intuitive, inborn sensitivity to nonmaterial values.

Rise Out of Self-pity
June 26, 1971

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