Your Thoughts and Your Health

A woman who had just taken up the study of Christian Science learned that Christian Science shows disease to be the externalization of thought. She asked rather anxiously, "Does that mean, if I have something the matter with me, that whenever I meet students of Christian Science they will think that woman must have horrible thoughts to have such a complaint?"

The practitioner was able to reassure her at once with Mrs. Eddy's answer to a similar question: "Is the sick man sinful above all others? No! but so far as he is discordant, he is not the image of God." Science and Health, p. 318; Also, the new student went on to discover that although Christian Science does explain disease as subjective, or mental, it divides disease-producing thoughts into three broad categories— fear, ignorance, and sin. An unpleasant disease does not necessarily arise from one's own unpleasant or sinful thoughts. It might come from fear of that particular disease or from believing it to be hereditary, contagious, or endemic to a particular country.

May 1, 1971

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