I was brought up in Christian Science

I was brought up in Christian Science. My first healing came before I was old enough to remember. It inspired my parents to take up the earnest study and application of Christian Science. I was enrolled in the Christian Science Sunday School at the age of three and am very thankful for the teachings I received there. Both my home and Sunday School teaching have equipped me to prove the power of divine Truth and Love on many occasions.

I am now attending a university. However, an incident I wish to recall took place when I was a sophomore in high school. I was enrolled in a chemistry class and was required to spend several hours a week in laboratory experiments with chemicals. During one of these sessions I was mixing sulfuric acid with a less powerful acid. Finding my partner busy working on another part of the experiment, I decided to perform this part of the experiment myself. In my eagerness I forgot the safety regulations and not wanting to burn my hands, I held the test tubes very close to my face. I did this to see exactly what I was doing. As I mixed the chemicals, they reacted very violently, and exploded in my face and eyes.

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May 1, 1971

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