Man Is Never Rejected

To be rejected sometimes makes us feel shut off from good. In fact, some people come up against so many walls of rejection that they begin to believe that life offers no joy, security, happiness, love, or success for them. But Christian Science shows that the only way to heal the morass of human problems caused by feelings of being unwanted is for one to awake to the fact that God is good only and the true nature of man is to reflect God as His image and likeness.

Man exists to fulfill God's holy plan and purpose. One who trusts God to govern his life, even in this seeming realm of material things, people, and places, can confidently expect the divine intelligence of Mind to reveal to him his right place and activity and support him in it. Too often, human outlining, a product of self-will, causes men to aspire to places and things that may not bless them, or bring them into accord with God's will. When this happens, a mortal may say, "I feel rejected. I did not get what I prayed for, I have been turned down. Someone forced me out of my place."

An Interview: on farming
May 1, 1971

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