I am a ten-year-old student in the Christian Science Sunday

I am a ten-year-old student in the Christian Science Sunday School. I had a healing recently I would like to tell about. One morning when I woke up, I did not feel well. My friends at school and ballet class talked about some of the others who had the flu. I stayed home from school that day, and by evening I felt very uncomfortable. My mother was busy in the kitchen cleaning up after supper, and when I told her I did not feel at all well, she suggested I go into my room and pray with "the scientific statement of being," which I had learned in Sunday School. She suggested that in place of "man" in this statement I use my own name, Beth, which I did. At the end are these words (Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, p. 468): "Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual."

Error seemed to say, "You won't go to school tomorrow." Then I remembered another sentence from Science and Health (p. 406), "Resist evil—error of every sort—and it will flee from you." I also played recordings of Christian Science hymns on the record player and sang along with these. One that I especially like is No. 139 in the Christian Science Hymnal. The first verse is:

January 23, 1971

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