Finding Ourselves

Have you ever watched a star shining out of the enormous night and sensed the deep mystery of it—why it is there, what kindled its fires, what exquisite poise sets it among its numberless neighbors and the silent worlds we know not of? Yet the mystery of that distant star is no greater than a mystery that calls to us every hour— the mystery of our own true self. Christian Science sets one on the grand path of self-discovery, leading him into the conscious presence of Deity, the creator of stars as well as of man.

Perhaps we have begun to understand ourselves and our relation to God by glimpsing the ultimate reality of His perfect spiritual goodness and the consequent falsity of material existence with its pain, sorrow, and limitation. Maybe this basic understanding has healed us of some difficulty, because any mistaken belief, which all troubles are, ceases to exist even as the fabric of illusion when in its place our consciousness takes hold of Truth.

Eliminating Contagion
January 23, 1971

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