Can Poverty Be Overcome?

Poverty looms large on the social horizon of our day. At the same time, we see evidences of extreme wealth, and "the affluent society" has become a byword. Programs for combating the extreme poverty affecting nearly all nations and races are being proposed and debated. Is there a sure way to make wealth more equal and assure all men the necessities for living? Christian Science submits that there is, but it also teaches that poverty will never be eliminated solely through legislation and other human means.

While humane legislation is unquestionably necessary at this point of world development and all right ways must be explored to ease the burden of our fellowmen, Christian Science offers a practical and permanent spiritual solution to this problem that has plagued mankind all through the ages. In Christian Science poverty is basically an individual problem, and, to be lastingly solved, it must be solved individually.

Finding Ourselves
January 23, 1971

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