"If only he would change!"

How often, when struggling with an inharmonious relationship with a wife or husband, son or daughter, business associate or friend, a person thinks, "Oh, if only he would change, if only he were more loving or cooperative or understanding, how much better things would be!" But often he doesn't change even after much reasoning, arguing, and entreating. Is there any way the discordant relationship can be corrected?

Yes, there surely is. But it must begin in one's own thinking, in one's concept of and attitude toward others. Christian Science shows that one's human experiences are the result of the thoughts one entertains. Persistently holding to the real, Godlike nature of man can bring harmony and cooperation. Mrs. Eddy states in Science and Health, "Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts." Science and Health, p. 261;

Advancing Years
January 23, 1971

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