Eliminating Contagion

The word "contagion" often strikes deep fear into the hearts of those who believe that evil can pass from person to person, bringing illness and death.

Is there any refuge in time of epidemics? The answer is Yes if one will but accept the fact that because God makes everything, including man, and makes it good, disease, being evil, has no creator and no reality. Accepting or rejecting evil is a personal choice. One can see himself either as a spiritual idea of God, immortal and perfect, or he can believe himself to be a helpless mortal subject to chance, Satan, or a God who sends plagues. To believe that God makes everything good and at the same time believe that disease and contagion can be part of this creation is not logical. Good and evil will always be opposites; they have no part in each other.

"If only he would change!"
January 23, 1971

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