Involvement Opportunities

Each Sunday a metropolitan newspaper prints a feature headed, "Involvement Opportunities." It consists of a listing of projects in the area that are in need of volunteer workers. A person reading such a feature over a period of time could be overwhelmed by the obvious need for concerned individuals who can contribute time and effort. The need is great. The conditions under which many live reek with despair, and there seems to be little that one lone person can do.

The temptation is to turn aside. That is easy to do. If the person is a Christian Scientist, he may comfort himself with the knowledge that, in the spiritual reality of God's creating, there is no lack, no deprivation. He must be careful, however. It is quite possible that the only one being comforted is himself. It is true that healing in Christian Science comes through the correct understanding of the falsity of the evidence that the material senses present. It is also true, however, that merely repeating a statement of truth as one repeats a truism can be a "cop out."

Safe in His Arms
August 15, 1970

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