No Corner on God

There are people in all walks of life and of different faiths or beliefs who at some time in their lives have turned to a power higher than themselves. They have found a response—intelligent guidance, release from tension, courage for a forward step, vision, patience, strength, healing. Some of these may have known nothing of God as you or I would define Him. Their religious beliefs, if any, may have been very different from what we would call true religion. Yet they have reached out, and somehow they have found what they were seeking.

The universe, including man, did not create itself. It is the creation of an infinite Mind, the infinite Mind. The real universe is not a substance external to Mind; it is idea; it exists as idea in and of Mind. This Mind is Principle—not a principle like the principle of the wheel or of jet propulsion, but Principle, the primal source and element of all that really exists. Since there is no other such Principle and since its function as Mind is both exclusive and all-inclusive, it can properly be termed divine.

But to work out our relationship with Principle, we need to recognize that, somehow, a false mentality, referred to in the Bible as the carnal mind, evil, or—when personality is attributed to it—devil, has entered and confused the picture. The basic equipment of this false mentality is matter, which it suggests is the substance of the universe. We humans seem to be caught between the evidence presented by the false mentality and the manifestation of the divine Mind. But the divine Mind actually is the only Mind; therefore the evidence of the carnal, or mortal, mind is constantly yielding to divine intelligence. Just as a seed planted in the ground eventually responds to energy from the sun, so the human consciousness eventually responds to Mind's constant mental energy.

Men and Mechanism
October 10, 1970

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