For many years I have enjoyed the blessings of God as revealed...

For many years I have enjoyed the blessings of God as revealed through the study of Christian Science. I am particularly grateful for the Sunday School, having had the privilege of attending it most of my childhood, and for the practical help its teachings gave me in rearing three children.

One night when my two sons were quite small, I went in to check their covers before retiring. I heard the sound that seems to have such power to alarm mothers of small children, the sound of croup. The older child was sleeping but was breathing with great difficulty. I looked over at the crib where the younger child was and saw that he was not asleep. I said, "Robbie, let's say 'the scientific statement of being.'" He had been in Sunday School only a few months but was able to repeat the statement by Mrs. Eddy along with me, from hearing it read at the close of each Sunday session. When we finished with the words (Science and Health, p. 468): "Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual," he said, "Let's say it again." I was a little surprised but was obedient to the child-thought, and we repeated it. Again he said, "Let's say it again." We did, and that seemed to satisfy him, and it certainly broke the mesmeric fear that had crept in at the sound of the croup. I went to bed free of fear, and both the children awoke the next morning free and well.

Testimony of Healing
Some years ago my husband was employed by the Government...
October 3, 1970

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