At the time I took up the serious study of Christian Science, I...

At the time I took up the serious study of Christian Science, I was employed in an office on work requiring special qualifications, for which I received a corresponding rate of salary. When the annual increments were given, I found that mine was so small that I was now receiving little more than the rate for work requiring no special qualifications, I was very upset and went to see my immediate superior about it. While sympathetic, he pointed out that the managing director dealt with salaries, and it was well known that he would not brook any criticism of his decisions. However, he agreed to speak to him when the opportunity came, though he had little hope of any adjustment.

This took place on a Friday, and during the weekend I had time to think over the matter and to see that I had not dealt with it as a student of Christian Science should. I began to ponder the law of justice and the fact that man is governed by God and is not at the mercy of the whims and misjudgments of mortals. Late on the Saturday I saw very clearly that justice reigns in the kingdom of heaven, and that as this is in reality the only place where man can be, he can experience only justice. This glimpse of the truth completely satisfied me, and I thought no more of the matter.

July 6, 1968

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