Do You Feel Inferior or Superior?

Quite often I hear these and similar remarks: "I'm not comfortable with him," "I seem susceptible to discordant situations that are occurring in my environment," "I'm not good at that," "I'm unable to overcome that erroneous tendency," "I seem subject to that ailment." According to the Science of being, the reverse of every one of these statements is true. Moreover, there is danger in succumbing to any limiting belief of incapability, for such a state of thought hinders progress, leads to excuses instead of accomplishments, to postponed action instead of fruition, and may contribute to illnesses.

The demand of Christian Science is that you entertain a right concept of yourself as God's infinite idea. Error may argue that you are inferior or that you are unable to master an ailment, but this is a wrong viewpoint. It is not you but the false belief in sickness that is inferior, because it is subject to the truth you know. And erring belief always lies when it calls itself you. After all, you really are interested not in how long an illness or an error claims presence, not in how unjust or frightening it may seem, but in how unreal it is. Divine wisdom makes clear that you need take no action, be moved to no decision, from a standpoint of inadequacy or inferiority.

There is no limitation; in fact, nothing negative in divine being. God, Soul, doesn't know inability, weakness, or inferiority, and you, as actually His likeness, cannot. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, declares, "Soul can never reflect anything inferior to Spirit."  Science and Health, p. 477; An infinite Mind must be fully and perfectly expressed. It couldn't withhold a portion of its ideas from any one of its children or give more to one than to another. Each is a complete representation of infinite Mind.

The Antidote for Pressure
August 19, 1967

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