Man's Faculties Are Infinite

Faculties are abilities, powers, capacities for functioning. Sometimes we speak of talents as faculties. Expertise in the arts, in business, in the sciences and professions, is faculty manifested as talent. But hearing is also a faculty, as are the other physical senses. Ability to speak is another faculty; to remember, another; to reason, another.

As human beings we should be well equipped to live perceptively and usefully. But human faculties are often impaired or underdeveloped, and limitation results. There is a scientific way to rule out such adverse conditions, as Christ Jesus proved again and again. To a blind man he said, "Receive thy sight." Luke 18:42; To a man with the palsy he said, "Arise, take up thy bed, and go unto thine house." Matt. 9:6; To a man with a withered hand he said, "Stretch forth thy hand." Luke 6:10;

Our Hiding Place
June 24, 1967

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