Qualities for All Mankind

Everything beautiful, bright, and joyful, everything clear and clean, everything to fill human living with an increasing sense of lightheartedness and harmony, is here now and always will be. This is true because God, divine Love, is the one infinite source of all good qualities. Peace, serenity, happiness, gaiety, and joy are a few of these qualities which are forever flowing out from the divine Mind as its expression. They already belong to man because man is God's spiritual idea, the expression of God's nature, His representation. The continuity of good constitutes the harmony of man's being. If our human experience is to evidence the presence of Godlike qualities, however, we need to acknowledge and accept individually the facts of God and man that Christian Science reveals.

The false belief that intelligence and life can be separated from God leads to the misconception that man is mortal. A mortal is never the true identity of anyone; what we are observing with the physical senses is only an untrue view of man. The real nature of man is increasingly demonstrable as we turn from the false view and contemplate the true source of man's life and happiness.

Recognizing Man's True Nature
October 28, 1967

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