Decisions That Affect Health

How we choose to entertain ourselves or to be entertained determines what we put into our minds. Much of modern literature and drama employs sensuality for one purpose or another. Sometimes this purpose is constructive, and sometimes it is not. Often the author depicts sensuality in an attempt to give an exact picture of a particular segment of human life. And often the purpose is purely commercial. It may seem almost impossible to escape some encounters with sensuality. But it is not impossible to decide for ourselves whether or not we shall be entertained by it.

Through Christian Science we learn that there is a definite connection between health and what one admits into his consciousness. If one consents to being entertained by literary or pictorial presentations of sensuality, there may be no immediately apparent effects on his health, but he can be sure that whatever he lets into his consciousness now will have to be reckoned with at some time when he may be seeking freedom from a disease caused by the belief that matter has sensation.

Testimony of Healing
Three years ago, a painful condition developed in my knees
September 24, 1966

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